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Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee (ESAC) Subcommittee on Academics has issued two documents that help to outline and clarify Penn's perspective on environmental sustainability:

Penn ESAC Academics Subcommittee Statement on Climate Change [Download PDF]

Definition of Sustainability at Penn [Download PDF]

In spring 2014, the Sustainability Office collaborated with Penn’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) to organize two Faculty Discussion Groups on “What It Means to Teach Through the Lens of Sustainability.” In particular, the discussion groups considered how incorporating sustainability as an intellectual frame into courses can help shape what and how one teaches. CTL facilitated the discussions with the goal of developing key ideas and/or questions that could be shared with faculty across the University. The aim of these, and future, discussions is to inform and enhance the ability of faculty both to teach sustainability and to teach students how to examine diverse topics through a sustainability lens.