student walks her bike on locust walk


The University of Pennsylvania promotes bicycling as a safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible means of transportation.  We encourage our students, faculty, staff, and visitors to incorporate bicycling into their daily and weekly routines. Cycling reduces traffic congestion, greenhouse gas emissions, and health care costs.  It fulfills the University's commitment to sustainability, and provides a low-cost way to move around the city while promoting physical and mental well-being.

Penn offers a number of resources for cyclists including, free bike registration to prevent theft, bike repair stations on campus, a bike helmet reimbursement program, and ample campus bike parking. Penn’s campus bike map also provides locations of all bike related services on campus. There are several Indego bike share stations on or near Penn's campus.

Penn offers reimbursement to those who commute to Penn primarily by bicycle through the Bicycle Commuter Reimbursement Program.

For a complete list of resources available to cyclists on campus, visit the Business Services website