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Century Bond Program Progress

October 16, 2017

Substantial rehabilitations of six buildings have been completed since the Century Bond program’s inception in 2012: Chemistry 1973, Meyerson Hall, Richards Labs C&D towers, Ryan Veterinary Hospital, Rosenthal Building, and Evans Building.  The $200 million in Century Bond funding allows such projects to focus on deep energy retrofits and address deferred maintenance as part of reducing the University’s carbon footprint. In addition, of the $200 million, approximately $8.5 million was used to upgrade lighting across campus, replacing or modernizing over 57,000 fixtures across 45 buildings.

The most recently completed project, the 100-year-old Evans Building in the School of Dental Medicine, created a new 54-chair clinic, new library spaces, and rearranged a number of other original spaces in the building.  The project renovated the entire building’s HVAC and lighting systems.

As part of the project’s HVAC system renovation, many 1960s air handlers were replaced and duct work was reconfigured to accommodate the new layout of spaces and new air supply systems. While not part of the Century Bond renovation, windows were restored and replaced, contributing to increased building occupant satisfaction. The complete building renovation is targeting a minimum of LEED Silver certification.

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