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Climate Action Plan Achievements Featured in Infographics

November 13, 2014
October 2014 highlighted achievements

Gregory College House is holding a student-led recycling competition in conjunction with their Building Administrator and Facilities staff. The Eco-Reps have been keeping a tally of the amount of recycling for each floor in both Van Pelt and Class of ’25. As of November 12, the race looked like:

1. VP 3rd floor - 58

2. VP 4th floor - 54

3. VP 2nd floor - 45

4. CL25 3rd floor - 31

5. CL25 1st floor - 30

6. CL25 2nd floor - 26

7. CL25 4th floor - 25

8. VP 1st floor – 14

The competition continues, with Insomnia Cookies as a prize for the winning floor!

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