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First Annual Penn Labs Freezer Challenge Winners

May 11, 2021
winning lab members

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Penn Labs Freezer Challenge! Thank you to all labs who participated in our first annual freezer challenge, and a special thanks to our 3 winners - the Cremins Lab in Epigenetics, Kayser Lab in Neuroscience, and Holzman Lab in the Renal Electrolyte and Hypertension Division. These labs implemented many actions toward freezer efficiency, including performing defrosts, cleaning out old samples, and temperature tuning.

Above: Members of the Holzman Lab (Photo Credit: Kylie Cooper)

The Holzman Lab in the Renal Electrolyte and Hypertension Division made their way to third place in the Freezer Challenge by chilling up 2 of their -80 C freezers to -70 C,  defrosting and removing dust from the coils of 5 freezers, and participating in the International Freezer Challenge, which ran simultaneous with the Penn Labs Freezer Challenge, among other actions. 

Above: Members of the Kayser Lab (Photo Credit: Kylie Cooper)

The Kayser Lab in Neuroscience earned second place in the Challenge through actions like getting their lab committed under Penn’s Green Labs Program, cleaning out old samples from freezers, and moving samples from a colder to a warmer storage temperature. 

Above: Members of the Cremins Lab

The Cremins Lab in Epigenetics achieved first place in the 2021 Penn Labs Freezer Challenge! The Cremins Lab was able to reach this milestone through actions like discarding 2-3 shelves worth of old samples, defrosting and removing dust from the coils of 4 freezers, and having lab members complete the Sustainability@Penn KnowledgeLink course. 

We look forward to the participation of even more Penn labs in the 2022 Penn Labs Freezer Challenge, starting in January of 2022!

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