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Get to Know Nina Morris, Penn's Sustainability Director

November 16, 2020
Nina Morris selfie

Penn's new Sustainability Director, Nina Morris, came on board in October of 2020. Get to know a little bit about Nina's background, interests, and life below!


Tell us about your previous career experience in sustainability. 

Previous to Penn, I worked at the University of Virginia as the Sustainability Program Manager for Outreach, Engagement and Communications. There, I led a team of 4 full time staff, 16 student employees and a large group of volunteer Sustainability Advocates. I managed the communications for UVA Sustainability, co-chaired the Civic Engagement Subcommittee and worked with many partners across the institution to advance UVA towards its sustainability goals while being a good neighbor. I also worked on strategic planning, focusing on UVA’s Sustainability Plan and supporting action plans, such as the Food Action Plan and soon to be released Waste Action Plan.  

Are you excited to be returning to Philadelphia after attending grad school here at Temple?

Yes! Not only because Philadelphia is world class city, but I have a lot of family both in the city and surrounding areas. While I deeply miss the Blue Ridge Mountains, I have a strong affinity for the ocean so being close to water is a big win for me.  


Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?

Hidden talent: I can do a few birdcalls!

Hobby: Music - mostly listening to others’ music and record collecting, but I also play a few instruments.  


What facet of sustainability work are you really excited/passionate about?

I love the intersectionality and systems thinking that sustainability provides. I love that sustainability is continually evolving and I love learning and unlearning with the movement. I also love that sustainability can be a space for all voices to contribute to, and I draw a lot of inspiration from that diversity.  


What is your favorite animal and why?

My favorite animal is my dog, Grits. He is a rescue mini poodle with heart of gold and zero desire for walks. He lives for snuggles and is the gentlest creature. 


What is the biggest misconception people have about sustainability? 

The biggest misconception people have is that sustainability is only about the environment. Sustainability is centered in creating a world and making decisions that support human flourishing. And that can only happen when we acknowledge our past and current systems that prevent that reality from happening. 


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