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Green2Go New Drop Off Locations

March 11, 2022
photo of green2go containers used by Penn Dining

You asked, we listened! Penn Dining and Penn Sustainability are teaming up to provide more ways for students to return used Green2Go containers. You can drop off your used Green2Go containers in the designated carts or bins at locations across campus, including various dining halls and public spaces. Look for Green2Go Drop-off signage and containers at the locations below:


Outdoor Heated Tent: Social Sciences Plaza

Indoor Drop Off Locations: Kings Court English College House (English House Dining Hall), Class of 1920 Commons Dining Hall, Lauder College House Dining Hall, Hill College House Staircase and Dining Hall, McClelland Dining Hall (The Quadrangle)

Please help us collect and reuse our wonderful, waste-minimizing Green2Go containers!

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