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ISAC Set for Summer 2018

June 21, 2018

Thirteen Penn faculty members are participating in the 2018 ISAC (Integrating Sustainability across the Curriculum) program managed by Penn Sustainability. The ISAC program helps Penn faculty incorporate environmental sustainability into new and existing courses by providing funding support for student research assistants who update or create new syllabi, lectures, assignments, texts, and/or tests that incorporate environmental themes. Participating faculty for 2018 represent a range of schools, departments and interests from the Penn Community, ranging from the administration department in the School of Nursing to the risk management department at Wharton. Over the past six summers, the ISAC program has supported 45 faculty in a diverse array of disciplines, including architecture, law, biology, engineering, urban planning, historic preservation and Germanic languages. To read more about ISAC and to learn how to apply to the program in the future, visit Penn Sustainability.

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