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New Toner Purchase Program

May 11, 2017

You are probably using remanufactured toner in your printers and copiers - and don't even know it! In keeping with Penn's Climate Action Plan 2.0, Purchasing Services promotes an environmentally sustainable supply chain. 

They have worked with University suppliers and vendors to actively identify and promote products and processes that make a positive sustainability impact. Remanufactured toner is one of those products.  While recycled toners have been in the market for years, only now is the purchasing office confident in their ability to perform as virgin toners.  The supplier is also confident in its product and has warrantied these toners against failure and/or damage to printers.  Understanding that the first few generations of remanufactured toners were not always reliable, Purchasing Services didn't want preconceived opinions to derail the initiative without a fair trial.  The purchasing office was pretty sure this would be an easy 'green' change that it could make to support our planet - and save Penn resources because these toners are more cost effective than other toners - so it decided to substitute remanufactured toner without any fanfare, or even an announcement. All black toners with remanufactured options were substituted (108 different toners) resulting in over $40,000 in savings, while delivering a positive impact on the environment.

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