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Penn Business Services Announces 2016 Green Purchasing Awards

January 3, 2017
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The University of Pennsylvania’s Green Purchasing Awards presented by Penn’s Purchasing Services and Green Campus Partnership were announced at the annual Purchasing Services Supplier Show on September 28. 

The award honors leading actions of an individual or team that significantly advance the development of sustainable purchasing practices at Penn. Three Green Purchasing Awards were presented this year.

“With Penn’s dedication to environmental sustainability, it’s important for Purchasing Services to not only promote green purchasing, but to recognize those individual champions throughout our Schools and Centers,” said Mark Mills, executive director of Penn Purchasing Services. “When we review nominations each year, it’s incredibly fun and rewarding to learn about the smart, responsible purchasing activities that are taking place among Penn’s purchasing community – many of which can be shared and repeated across the University.”

The first award was to Janel Baselice, executive assistant to the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS).  Baselice’s “Bright Green Idea” was to purchase and install reusable, plastic sign holders for waste and recycling updates made by the School’s Green Team.  Previously, SAS used laminated signs, which were then put in the landfill stream when signage was updated.  The new sign holders, purchased at the relatively low cost of around $160, serve multiple purposes and allow the new signs to be recycled as clean office paper.  This “Bright Green Idea” has been implemented throughout 37 buildings at hundreds of recycling cans in public spaces.  

Another Green Purchasing Award recipient was a team from Facilities and Real Estate Services (FRES). Over the past two years, the honorees collaborated on 60 projects that reduced Penn’s electric consumption and qualified for rebates of over $3.4 million from the PECO under PA State Act 129 Energy Efficiency and Conservation Plan.  One of the Act’s programs is called “Smart Ideas,” which offsets the increased up-front costs of more energy efficient equipment. In Penn’s case, the rebates are for energy-efficiency improvements to campus lighting replacements, new steam-driven chillers, and upgraded and modernized heating and cooling equipment. The award recipients include FRES Design & Construction staff Rafael DeLuna, William Dierkes, Chris Kern, John Mahoney, Margo Pietras-Barnes, George Zafiropoulos, Energy Planner Andrew Zarynow, and Century Bond Project Director John Zurn.

The Disposable Petri Dish Reduction Project also was a Green Purchasing Award  recipient.  The Penn Genetics and Penn Genome Frontiers Institute (PGFI) research scientists Shaili Pateland, Elicia Preston, working with lab technician Junie Showell, set up a waste reduction project to replace disposable plastic petri dishes with reusable glass petri dishes.  The project reduced autoclave trash generated by the lab by approximatety one-third.

These initiatives align with Penn’s Climate Action Plan 2.0, the University’s comprehensive strategic roadmap for environmental sustainability that sets forth standards and goals for campus performance as part of Penn’s collective commitment to reduce carbon emissions, engage the community, and expand sustainability-related teaching and research.

For more information about the Green Purchasing Award recipients and their accomplishments, visit

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