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ReThink: E-Waste Collections

October 24, 2016

Electronics like cell phones, computers, printers, TVs, and a long list of others are commonplace in today’s society.  The quick turnover of this technology, such as new cell phone models released each year, push innovation to the limit, but has stark consequences for our waste streams.  The United States produces 3.3 million tons of e-waste each year, compared to the 40 million tons produced globally (GOOD.IS).  This waste often has a higher value than most landfill content because of the costly materials from which electronics are manufactured. 

This year’s ReThink Your Footprint campaign aims to address the issue of e-waste in the Penn community by hosting e-Waste Collection Days. Last year these collection days resulted in over 5 tons of waste being collected. This organized collection of e-waste during ReThink Your Footprint provides the opportunity to drop off unwanted electronics from both homes and offices to be recycled by eForce Compliance. 

The collection days and locations are listed below:

  • Thursday November 3rd – FRES, Office Lobby, 10a-2p
  • Friday November 4th – SAS, Williams Hall, 10a-2p
  • Monday November 7th – PSOM, BRB Lobby, 8:30a-11a
  • Tuesday November 7th – SEAS, Levine Lobby, 10a-2p
  • Wednesday November 9th – Nursing, Fagin Hall Lobby, 10a-2p
  • Thursday November 10th- Law, Davis Student Union (Golkin 90), 10a-2p
  • Friday November 11th - New Bolton Center, Alumni Hall, 10a-2p


Last year's e-Waste Collection numbers are reported below – check back in later in November to see this year's numbers!

Hill Pavilion     424lbs

Levine             755lbs

BRB                 4,748lbs

Fagin               1,398lbs

NBC                 2,788lbs

Total                10,113lbs





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