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ReThink: Waste Minimization at Penn Relays

October 25, 2016
green campus partnership tent at Penn Relays

Penn Athletics has the opportunity to make a huge impact in waste minimization and this is clearly highlighted through their efforts at Penn Relays. Green Penn Relays was started a number of years ago, and keeps getting better each year!

This year 4800 cups were handed out to athletes – this is in lieu of handing out Dasani water bottles that only get partially finished and are then not recycled because of their contents. Additionally, the Athletics Eco Reps hosted an education tent where 395 people entered the raffle and over 150 participants posted their “green ideas” onto the PennDesign Green sustainable structure. This was a great way to get the word out, educate people, and encourage engagement.

Hopefully Green Penn Relays will continue in its effort to reduce waste each year, and other athletic events can continue waste minimization drives building on the success of this campaign!

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