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ReThink Your Footprint comes to a close

November 15, 2016
ReThink Your Footprint banner

The ReThink Your Footprint campaign wrapped up on November 11th, 2016. During the two-week campaign, an assortment of initiatives, events, presentations, and other forms of outreach took place to share information about waste minimization, source reduction, reuse, and recycling. Here are some results and highlights from the campaign:

Seven e-waste collection days were held at different schools and centers throughout the campaign, including one at the New Bolton Center in Chester County.  Over 5 tons (10,444 lbs) of e-waste was collected. Here's how the different schools compared:

School Results (lbs)
FRES  818
SAS 927
PSOM 3312
SEAS 140
Nursing 791
Law 614
New Bolton 3842
Total (lbs) 10444
Total (tons) 5.222

Penn’s first Pop-Up Swap Shop clothing exchange was held in Houston Hall on Friday, November 11, to emphasize the reuse of material goods and to provide students an opportunity to think about the impacts of their consumer habits.  Over 260 items of clothing were brought to the Swap, with only 24 afterwards (and donated to Goodwill). 




Student Eco-Reps participated in a Waste Characterization Study hosted by iSpring Associates as part of their weekly meeting, sorting and evaluating the waste stream from several representative locations in Houston Hall and the New College House.



A recycled art piece, designed and created by Revolution Recovery’s Artist in Residency program, was displayed at events throughout the campaign. The piece was created entirely out of construction waste from Penn’s campus. Here it is pictured under a recycling bin tower:


Multiple recycling and sustainability fairs were hosted around campus, by the School of Engineering & Applied Science, the School of Nursing, the School of Arts and Sciences, and Perelman School of Medicine. These events provided information about campus recycling practices, in addition for providing collections of the following items: eye glass for VPS Global, shoes for Community Recycling, and towels and linens for the SPCA in addition to e-waste and batteries. The Perelman School of Medicine held the grand opening of its new recycling room Anatomy/Chemistry.



Thank you to those who participated in waste minimization activities, deepened their understanding of waste and consumption issues, and came out to our events! We look forward to another successful campaign next year. 

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