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Student Outreach Promoting Environment-Related College Majors and Careers

October 17, 2019
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Over the past year, Nick Zhu, a Junior in SAS studying Environmental Studies, has been presenting to high school students in the Philadelphia area about the benefits of studying environmentally-related majors in college through an initiative Nick has termed Sustainable Careers.

Sustainable Careers refers to:

  1. The physical sustainability that results from your initiatives, and 
  2. The individual sustainability that accompanies the pursuit of individual interests.

From repairing lead-tainted homes in Philadelphia to inventing new sustainable aquaculture practices in Indonesia, every job has its place within global sustainability efforts. The mission of this project is to prove that for every developing student, you can one day make a living applying your diverse interests to environmental issues.

From the Project Coordinator, Nick Zhu:

The goal of this project is to promote environmentally-related majors to high school students through in-person presentations. I specifically highlight environmental economics, climate justice, environmental law, public policy, and urban studies. Hopefully as a result of these presentations, students can see the endless possibilities for success and fulfillment as an environmentalist. If you're interested in working on this initiative or having a presentation at your school, please reach out to me at


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