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Tobacco Free Campus Spring 2017 Urn Removal Pilot Project

January 23, 2017

The Tobacco Free Campus Task Force has been convened to identify strategies to ensure better compliance with Penn’s non-smoking policy. In spring 2017, the Task Force will be conducting a pilot project to determine if messaging about the negative environmental impact of smoking can change behavior.

Research has shown there are a number of negative impacts on the environment that are the result of smoking tobacco. On a local level, the presence of non-biodegradable cigarette butts lying on the ground can have a negative impact on children, wildlife and pets.

The Spring 2017 pilot project will focus on these poisonous cigarette butts as an obstacle to the Penn community’s desire for a healthy environment and clean and attractive campus.

At four locations on Penn’s campus (listed below) the smoking urns will be removed and will be replaced by signage with messaging about the negative environmental impact of cigarette butts. Graduate students will monitor the study areas for butts at regular intervals and note smoker behavior.

Location 1 Fisher-Bennett Hall, 3340 Walnut Street
Location 2 Jaffe History of Art Building, 3405 Woodland Walk
Location 3 Gates Building Entrance, 3400 Spruce Street, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Location 4 Cupp Pavilion, 51 N. 39th Street, Penn-Presbyterian Hospital

This Pilot Project is not meant to represent the sum-total of messaging for Penn’s non-smoking policy.  It is one project funded by the recent $20,000 grant to Penn from the American Cancer Society and CVS Health. Penn is one of 20 colleges to receive a grant as part of the Tobacco-Free Generation Campus Initiative to accelerate the adoption of tobacco-free campus policies. Read more in the Penn Current

Download a brochure on tobacco-cessation resources for all of the Penn Community. [PDF]

Questions about the Tobacco Free Campus Task Force may be directed to

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