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Illustrating our Plan Initiatives

Penn Sustainability is pleased to share a series of videos that illustrate the ways Penn is meeting the commitments made in its Climate and Sustainability Action Plan 3.0.

Penn Sustainability champions seven initiatives within our Climate and Sustainability Action Plan 3.0 – the University’s roadmap to sustainability.

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Penn Sustainability CSAP3.0 Video Series

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Learn more about how Penn's 24/7 Utilities & Operations actions move us closer towards our carbon neutrality goal.

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Penn is working to reduce the environmental impact of travel for business or scholarship. Our Travel Sustainability Fund allows us to invest in best-fit sustainability projects that will offset the carbon impacts of the University’s air travel.

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bike video screenshot Check out the Top 3 Reasons to Bike Penn with special incentives for staff and faculty. Watch the video:
Did you know there is a working farm and orchard on Penn’s West Philadelphia campus? The Penn Food and Wellness Collaborative brings together partners from the Center for Public Health Initiatives, Facilities and Real Estate Services, Wellness at Penn, Penn Sustainability, Student Intervention Services, and others across Penn, as well as the Philadelphia Orchard Project. Watch the video:

Did you know that Penn students are essential in establishing many sustainable practices on campus? As part of the Move In Green program, Penn students help to instill a culture of environmental advocacy from the very first day.

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Did You Know Penn Students can Create Sustainability Coursework? No matter what their course of study, Penn students can help infuse principles of environmental sustainability into existing and new courses.

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Learn how to participate in Penn Dining's Green2Go program in four easy steps.

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Penn Sustainability: Join us as we continue to live, lead, and learn by example. Our new overview video premiered on April 22, 2022 Earth Day. Learn how Penn’s Climate and Sustainability Action Plan 3.0 unites our entire University community in a common mission of environmental stewardship.

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