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stairwell at Penn

StairWELL UPenn: Reducing Energy and Improving Health is designed to increase the use of stairs on campus. Project participants suggest that one of the reasons employees/students may not use the stairs at work/school is because they perceive them as unattractive and/or unsafe.  The project team will use Green Fund support to make physical improvements to a stairwell in the Anatomy Chemistry Building using vinyl wall graphics and motivational signage along with refreshed painting and lighting. The success of this pilot project – determined through measures of stairwell use – will determine if this project could be expanded to other campus buildings. The related sustainability goals include energy conservation through reduced use of elevators, in addition to the obvious health benefits that come with exercise. This initiative is supported by Healthy Penn, a cross-sector partnership at the University of Pennsylvania between CPHI, Human Resources, Campus Health, Penn Recreation and Penn Athletics, and the Penn Sustainability Office.

Green Fund Summary Report: StairWELL

Project Leader
Sara Solomon, Danielle Cavalcanto
Project Sponsor
Jennifer Pinto-Martin, Jennifer Mishkin