electric vehicle at pump

Low Emissions Vehicle Purchasing Guidance

For those considering purchase of an electric vehicle

This guide is intended to be a straightforward, easy-to-use document that provides purchasers considering electric vehicles with:

  • A general understanding of the concepts and benefits of purchasing low- or zero-emissions vehicles
  • Resources for funding
  • Recommended vehicle options (including alternatives for vehicle classes whose needs are not currently met by the available low- or zero-emissions vehicles available)
  • An overview of the purchasing process at Penn
  • Information on infrastructure and other support

Use the links below to download the full document or sections of the document.

Low-Emissions Vehicle Purchasing Guidance V2 Released August 2022 Overview (PDF)

Vehicle Types and Impacts (PDF)

Funding Resources (PDF)

Recommended Vehicles (PDF)

Purchasing Process (PDF)

Policies and Forms (PDF)

Additional Resources (PDF)

Appendix I: Global Warming Potential (GWP) of EVs (PDF)

Appendix II: EV Selection Quick Guide (PDF)