Current Projects

Student Eco-Rep Current Projects

Student Eco-Reps work in teams to help implement sustainability projects with various campus partners. Each year, we solicit projects from the Penn community and select a handful of opportunities to implement in collaboration with Penn departments.

Take a look at our full listing of 2018-19 projects below or check out our past projects from previous years!

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2018-19 Eco-Rep Projects

Project Name Campus Partner Project Description

Composting Pilot

Penn Sustainability Office The composting project this year is a two-fold operational and marketing project to build onto a project from last year. Students are expanding the composting pilot to other locations around Penn's campus, as well as increasing the participation rate of current residents around the High Rise area.

Green Living Certification

Penn Sustainability Office A project to help grow and coordinate the Green Living Certification on Penn's campus, a point-based educational tool recognizing students for their sustainability choices and helping spread awareness of environmentally-friendly lifestyle choices. 
Housekeeping Sustainability Training FRES Housekeeping (O&M)

A collaboration with Penn's housekeeping team to create a training tool that educates housekeepers on the importance of sustainability, green cleaning products, indoor air quality, and resource use in housekeeping applications.

Penn Park Meadows FRES Landscape Team (OUA) A study of the biodiversity in specific meadows located at Penn Park, which are grown as an alternative to mono-species lawns. In addition to creating biodiversity, these spaces have various benefits such as reduced irrigation, reduced mowing requirements, improved stormwater absorption, and improved ecosystem benefits. 

Shifting Sands:  Soil-less Soils

Olin Labs & PennDesign McHarg Center

A study of the potential to develop and test a low-carbon, rapidly-renewable manufactured soil mix using waste glass products in green infrastructure and urban planting applications.

Stormwater Collection in Street Trees  Morris Arboretum Urban Forestry Team A study of the stormwater potential of various street trees throughout Penn's campus to determine their impact on reducing watershed pollution as a result of combined sewer overflows in Philadelphia.
Sustainable Solutions Sustainable Solutions Sustainable Solutions is a Spring 2019 competition that strives to identify and implement project-based, local solutions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Philadelphia.
Wellness & Sustainability Penn Nursing Students are working with Penn Nursing to connect wellness and sustainability by researching existing resources offered by peer institutions, developing web content for Penn Nursing Wellness and Sustainability webpages, and planning and executing "green wellness days."

Year of Stuff

Wolf Humanities Center

A collaboration with the Wolf Humanities Center focusing on the 2018-19 Year of Stuff and integrating sustainability messaging and waste reduction efforts into the center's programs and events.