Student Eco-Rep Current Projects

Student Eco-Reps work in teams to help implement sustainability projects related to Penn's Climate and Sustainability Action Plan 3.0 (CSAP 3.0) with various campus partners. Each year, we solicit projects from the Penn community and select a handful of opportunities to implement in collaboration with Penn departments.

Read about the 2020-2021 projects below and check out our past projects from previous years!

Housekeeping staff with supplies

Waste Metrics and Strategies 

Students will work with staff in FRES Housekeeping to research waste practices at peer institutions and inform strategic waste initiatives. Eco-Reps will review Penn’s current waste data and interview local organizations to better understand how they conduct waste audits, communicate around waste, and plan strategically to reduce and divert waste. CSAP 3.0 Goal: “Increase Penn’s Overall Waste Diversion and Minimize Waste Sent to Landfill.” 

Green2Go takeout container near food station

Dining Sustainability and Training

Students will work with partners from Bon Appetit catering services to develop and implement a training program to educate Bon Appetit staff about sustainability and best practices around waste reduction and diversion. This project will follow a similar model as the Housekeeping Sustainability Training project, including a pre-training and post-training survey. Students will visit dining facilities to understand current and desired waste practices in Penn Dining facilities. CSAP Goal: “Increase Penn's Overall Waste Diversion and Minimize Waste Sent to Landfill”


Bird-friendly stickers on windows outside of FRES

Bird Friendly Penn

Students will work with Chloe Cerwinka, FRES Landscape Planner; Joe Durrance, Penn Medical Simulation Technician; and Liz Donnelly from CHOP to educate the Penn community about bird species on campus, monitor hotspots for bird strikes on campus windows, and develop a campaign to encourage campus partners to turn lights off in the evenings to reduce bird collisions. CSAP Goal: “Reduce the number of bird strikes on campus.” 

Student walking a bike on campus near trees

Green Living

Students will work with Nina Morris, Sustainability Director for the Penn Sustainability Office, to track and encourage participation of staff in Penn’s Green Living program. Eco-reps will research best practices for sustainability certifications in higher education institutions’ communication strategies to then develop and implement a communication strategy for Penn’s Green Living Program to increase student engagement. CSAP Goal: “Strengthen the Green Labs Working Group, Green Living, and Green Office programs.” 

Trees in bloom near College Hall

Laying the Groundwork for Penn's Climate and Sustainably Action Plan 4.0

In consultation with the Penn Sustainability Office and the Environmental Innovations Initiative, students will begin vital research and concept formulation for the next iteration of Penn’s Climate and Sustainability Action Plan which is anticipated to published in 2024. Students will investigate best practices in applied research and each section of the action plan and benchmark with premiere organizations across the education, government, and industry sectors to inform future climate and sustainability goals at the University. CSAP Goal: “Support the use of campus-as-lab to promote applied learning”