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Many students smiling at camera in a field

A Pre-Orientation Program for incoming students that provides opportunities to engage with sustainability. 


A Pre-Orientation Program for incoming students that provides opportunities to engage with sustainability. 

Many students smiling at camera in a field

At a Glance


Our Pre-Orientation Program for new, incoming students dedicated to exploring sustainability and environmentalism at Penn and throughout Philadelphia.

Program Dates

Saturday, August 17th through Wednesday, August 21st.

Application Period

The 2024 application period is May 1, 2024 at 12:00 am ET through Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 11:59 pm ET.


Programming is centered on spotlighting environmental and sustainability-oriented adventures, initiatives, and opportunities. Participants will discover the rich eco-culture both on campus and throughout Philadelphia.


PennGreen is guided and orchestrated by upperclass students who either have prior experience with the program or hold leadership positions in campus sustainability organizations. They eagerly anticipate the arrival of each new student on campus!

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PennGreen is a Pre-Orientation Program for incoming students sponsored by Penn Sustainability and the Undergraduate Assembly

Penn fosters a robust culture of environmental sustainability, boasting numerous student organizations, student leadership positions, research avenues, and courses dedicated to sustainability. Moreover, we are nestled within one of the most eco-conscious cities in the United States, Penn enjoys an unparalleled setting for environmentalism and sustainability initiatives. PennGreen offers incoming students a unique Pre-Orientation experience focused on sustainability. It immerses participants in the vibrant eco-culture of both the University of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. 

Each year, the 5-day program evolves while consistently spotlighting environmental and sustainability-oriented adventures. Joining PennGreen means connecting with like-minded peers, discovering local green havens, delving into sustainable food networks, exploring eco-friendly initiatives on campus and beyond, discovering academic pathways in sustainability, and enjoying outdoor adventures like an overnight camping trip. Dive into a world where learning and fun meet sustainability!


Every year, the number of applications we receive exceeds the available spaces in the program. Participants will be chosen through a thorough evaluation of applications. Each application undergoes review and assessment by program staff and student leaders, leading to a consensus on selections. Those selected will be required to promptly complete registration forms and submit payment. Students are also welcome to apply to other pre-orientation programs and make their decision based on their acceptance status.

Applications for PennGreen open annually to incoming and transfer students through the Pre-Orientation Program website. The 2024 application period opens May 1, 2024 and closes June 18th, 2024, 11:59 pm ET. Application decisions will be available in the application portal on July 3rd at 5:00 pm ET.

Program cost:

Program tuition is $395. Financial assistance is available to eligible students who qualify for financial aid. Please indicate this in your application for consideration. The program fee is inclusive of early move-in privileges, meals, transportation, and activity fees. 

If you have questions, please contact Penn Sustainability, at

Frequently Asked Questions

When applying for the program, you can indicate your eligibility for financial aid from Penn. Once acceptances are issued, PennGreen and the financial aid office will assess an applicant's level of aid. Subsequently, the applicant will receive discounted tuition based on their eligibility and level of aid.

Throughout the program, meals will be supplied. These meals are predominantly sourced from local, sustainable vendors and can accommodate various dietary restrictions. Additionally, while some snacks are provided throughout the day, these are not always available. Participants are encouraged to bring their own if they feel it's necessary. 

All PennGreen participants will enjoy early move-in privileges to their dormitory rooms at Penn, granting them the opportunity to settle in five days before other incoming students. You'll reside in your designated College House for the entirety of the PennGreen program, except for an overnight camping excursion, contingent upon weather conditions. Further details regarding early move-in will be provided to incoming participants.

Upon acceptance to the program, you'll receive a packing list. For additional inquiries, please reach out to Penn Sustainability via email at

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Sample Schedule

The 2024 program will run from Saturday, August 17th through Wednesday, August 21st. The schedule below based on previous years will give a sense of some of the activities that will be planned. The 2024 schedule may differ.

Day One (starts at 4 pm):

  • Prior to 4 pm, check in to assigned College House for early move-in
  • PennGreen Orientation
  • Vegan BBQ and fun and games on Shoemaker Green

Day Two:

  • Campus sustainability scavenger hunt 
  • Visit Morris Arboretum
  • Tie-Dyeing

Day Three:

  • Morning Goat Yoga
  • Tour Campus and Penn Farm
  • Camping at Ridley Creek State Park

Day Four:

  • Lunch at Reading Terminal and Philly Environmental Tour
  • Meet and Greet with sustainability staff and faculty
  • Pre-Orientation Food Truck Mixer

Day Five (ends at 4pm):

  • Kayaking at Delaware River Waterfront
  • After 4 pm, New Student Orientation begins


The final PennGreen schedule will be shared with participants by the start of the program. Participants are expected to attend all programming. Meals are primarily sourced from local, sustainable vendors and include delicious plant-based, vegetarian and vegan meals.

Additional optional programming may be planned after New Student Orientation during the academic year, including reunions and more!

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Special Thanks to C'1982

In Fall 2022, The University of Pennsylvania's Class of 1982 generously donated $250,000 to support five pre-orientation programs for incoming first-year students. Each program, including PENNacle, PennArts, PennGenEq, PennQuest, and PennGreen, received $50,000 to enhance their programming and make it more affordable for students.

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