Program Highlights


student group on Penn campus green

Penn’s Green Purchasing Award  recognizes the leading actions of any individual and/or teams that significantly advance the development of more sustainable purchasing practices at Penn.Read more »

laundry hanging on clothes line

Click on the photo below to open and download a PDF of our June 2021 Green Tip with tips for skipping the dryer.Read more »

winning lab members

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Penn Labs Freezer Challenge! Thank you to all labs who participated in our first annual freezer challenge, and a special thanks to our 3 winners - the Cremins Lab in Epigenetics, Kayser Lab in Neuroscience, and Holzman Lab in the Renal Electrolyte and Hypertension Division. These labs implemented many actions toward freezer efficiency, including performing defrosts, cleaning out old samples, and temperature tuning.Read more »