Staff and Faculty Participation in Penn Sustainability

Staff and faculty are encouraged to become involved in campus sustainability efforts as a part of the Penn community.

staff eco reps group

The Staff & Faculty Eco-Reps Program is a peer education program that provides the tools to improve the environmental sustainability of Penn offices and labs. The program is comprised of over 140 staff and faculty members across the University representing a diverse set of offices, schools, and centers.

creating canopy staff

To encourage the continual ‘greening’ of our communities in the Greater Philadelphia area, Penn Facilities partners with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation for the Creating Canopy tree giveaway.

unloading dishwasher

Offices represent a significant portion of campus energy and material use and waste production. The Penn Sustainability Office recognizes the efforts of staff and faculty to green their daily activities by offering four levels of Green Office certification.

lab freezer

The Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Freezer Efficiency Program was established to reduce the number of old and under-utilized freezers and incentivize the purchase of highly efficient ULT freezers, thereby reducing energy use and saving money.

Penn faculty

Integrating Sustainability Across the Curriculum (ISAC) Program was established to help Penn faculty introduce environmental sustainability into existing and new courses.