students jumping at Morris Arboretum

PennGreen Pre-Orientation

An introduction to environmentalism at Penn

Are you interested in environmentalism, sustainability, outdoor education, or learning about green student groups at Penn? Apply for Penn Green!

Penn has a profound and deep culture of environmental sustainability, with many student groups, leadership roles, research opportunities, and sustainability-related courses. And on top of that, Penn is situated in one of the greenest cities in the U.S. PennGreen is a pre-orientation program that introduces incoming freshmen to the vibrant environmental opportunities offered at Penn and in the Philadelphia region.

Through PennGreen, you'll learn about campus sustainability initiatives, meet environmental leaders from the region, and learn from world-renown professors in the environmental field. You will learn from Penn professors and sustainability staff members, do activities like yoga and a scavenger hunt at Penn's Morris Arboretum, and spend lots of quality time outdoors with your team playing games and getting to know each other.

PennGreen leaders are upperclassmen who participated in the PennGreen program during their freshman year and are passionate about environmental issues. Leaders are trained in group dynamics, campus resources, and Penn traditions, are experts on environmental issues, and are some of the friendliest Penn students you will ever meet! PennGreen is sponsored by the Undergraduate Assembly and the Penn Sustainability Office.

Selection Process

Participants will be selected based upon a careful review of the applications. Each application is reviewed and rated by the student leaders of the program and a consensus is reached. Students may apply to other pre-orientation programs as well but will only be able to participate in one pre-orientation Program.

Program Cost

Each participant is required to pay $395.00. A scholarship is available to eligible students who qualify for financial aid through Penn. If you have questions, feel free to contact